Kabul, September 8: At least one person has died and three people have been injured in an IED blast that took place in Taimani on Thursday. According to initial reports, a magnetic mine had exploded on a bicycle on 5th Street Taimani. Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi confirmed that the blast took place on Thursday. Till now, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, neither is it known who the blast was targeting. This is the third attack in the Afghan capital this week. On September 5, a Taliban attack had killed 24 people and injured over 90, while another attack on September 6 had also killed several people.

According to TOLO news, Kabul police have confirmed that one person was killed and three others injured. The blast took place when the country is celebrating Massoud Day, to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the death of Ahmad Shah Masoud. Masoud had fought against Soviet forces in the 1980s and had emerged as an anti-Taliban leader in the 1990s. More details about the incident are awaited. The explosion had taken place has huge crowds had gathered together in the capital to commemorate Massoud. The blast will serve to escalate concerns over ethnic tensions in Afghanistan. ALSO READ: Kabul Attack: Two killed as militants took students, professors at American University of Afghanistan hostage 

On Monday, an explosion that took place near the Defence Ministry had killed 24 people, including senior security officials and had wounded 91 others. The attack was claimed by Kabul and was followed by another attack. A loud explosion could be heard in central Kabul, just hours after the first attack. Sporadic gunfire could be heard in the area, which is close proximity to government embassies and buildings. The attacks indicate the escalated offensive launched by the Taliban in Afghanistan, where the security has worsened ever since NATO forces ended their combat mission in 2014.