Surrey, Sept 16: An armed police operation was underway in Surrey in connection to the London tube bombing case. According to reports, one house was raided by the cops in Sunbury-on-Thames here.

The address where the operation was launched is located at the Cavendish Road. Residents of the area were asked to vacate their premises till the raid concluded.

Earlier on Saturday, the Kent Police arrested an 18-year-old man from Dover, who is allegedly linked to Parsons Green terror attack, which left 29 injured.

The arrest was termed as a “significant development” in the case by Neil Basu, the national coordinator of counter-terror policing.

The prime suspect, who was identified by the police through the CCTV footage, is yet to be nabbed.

The terror attack – fourth major in UK this year – was carried out on Friday, at nearly 8:15 AM. The perpetrator, as per preliminary reports, planted the IED in a bucket, covered with freezer bags. Following the blast, the bucket was found slightly charred, with wires emerging from it.

Eye-witnesses say the device exploded within a couple of seconds after the underground metro train began moving at the Parson Greens station. The IED explosion created a ‘sort of fireball’ which caused burn injuries to nearly 29 passengers. According to an investigator who spoke to Sky News, the blast would had been fatal, if the IED would had completely detonated.

Within hours of the attack, global extremist cult Islamic State or ISIS claimed responsibility for the carnage. The outfit’s propaganda magazine Amaq said its affiliated unit in London carried out the attack.

Following the terror strike, the threat level in UK was raised from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’ level. This means another attack could be imminent.

Prime Minister Theresa May tasked the UK troops to escalate the patrolling in civilian areas, as the country remains “gripped under the terror of radical violence”.