Paris, September 17: A British Airways flight was held at Paris airport following a ‘security threat‘, reports claimed. The flight BA0303 was scheduled to depart Paris’ Charles De Gaulle for London Heathrow Airport at 7.25 am. But it was delayed due to the threat.

Police and fire officials surrounded the plane and evacuated all passengers onboard. Reportedly, everybody was individually searched by armed officers and luggage were searched by sniffer dogs.

According to, initially the pilot informed the passengers about a technical issue and said they had to move to the other part of the airport. And it was then the police and fire officials surrounded the plane on the tarmac. It was followed by the pilot announcing they had to evacuate on account of a ‘direct threat’ involving the flight specifically.

However, it is still unclear what the ‘direct threat’ was that led to the whole episode. This ‘threat’ comes amid the explosion in the London Tube on Friday which injured over dozen people.

British Airways while regretted for the inconvenience faced by the passengers, they emphasised that security of the passengers is their top priority. They, following the arrival of the police, finally announced that the flight will be delayed severally.