Beijing, Apr 15: A Beijing-bound China flight was diverted after a passenger held an attendant hostage using a fountain pen as the weapon. The flight had taken off from the city of Changsha in Hunan province at 8.40 AM and was scheduled to reach Beijing at 11 AM. However, due to the an unspecified “illegal interference”, as authorities described it, the Flight 1350 had to be diverted to Zhengzhou city. It landed there at 10 AM and all the passengers and crew members are safe.

In a statement, the Civil Aviation Authority of China said that the plane was diverted after a passenger held a flight attendant hostage. It also added that the matter was successfully handled by 1.17 PM.

The identity of the alleged hostage-taker has not been revealed yet. Further, the matter is being probed by the police and aviation authorities.

According to Chinese media, the passengers have claimed that the incident reportedly happened in the first or business class cabins. A woman passenger told The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald that on looking outside the window of the plane, she notices many police cars, ambulances and fire engines parked at Zhengzhou airport.