Washington, March 18: The United States (US) government knocked the doors of a higher court on Friday to challenge the decision of a federal judge that discarded few parts in Donald Trump’s travel ban which was all set to be implemented.

US District Judge  Theodore Chuang had on Thursday had imposed a halt on Trump’s executive orders. On March 6, the US President, who in his presidential campaign vowed to only think of Americans first and save his country from terror,  had banned the entry of travellers into the US from six Muslim nations.  The District Judge left the section of Trump’s ban which did not allow the entry of refugees into America for a period of four months.

A judge in Hawaii put an end to both sections of travel ban which did not allow it to march forward. The ban is also being challenged in the  Washington state and the judge there put a condition on proceedings as Hawaii court had already put its stamp on it and also to avoid duplicative rulings.

Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, in a press briefing said that the US government will defend the executive order and appeal for the right outcome. Some who do not believe in the travel ban said that it would be a violation of US constitution as it supports religious freedom, on the contrary, the US President has a different take on this and believes that this step is necessary to protect the US from terror activities.

Business tycoon Donald Trump is quite adamant about his decision and has cleared his intentions of going all the way to Supreme Court to impose the ban.  Trump in his presidential campaign had promised his citizens to ban Muslims from entering United States.

On January 29, United States President Donald Trump had banned -temporarily, seven Muslim countries to immigrate to the United States. Trump had barred the citizens of seven countries from entering the United States for at least 90 days by executive order, which according to sources was just the first step towards establishing a broader ban.