New Delhi, Nov 9: Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States of America defeating his democratic rival Hillary Clinton. The Manhattan billionaire had kept races tight and has won outright in his race to the White House. As per reports, Trump won Midwestern state of Wisconsin and lifted himself up on the verge of victory. The Republicans, however will keep control of the Senate.

The United States presidency under Trump is expected to boost strategic ties with India. Trump recently described India as ‘a key and key strategic ally’. The United States looks forward to deepening the diplomatic and military cooperation that is the shared interest of both countries.  As Trump comes to power, relations between India and America are expected to deepen while India’s neighbor Pakistan may feel the heat. However, Pakistan’s Ambassador to U.S. Jalil Abbas Jilani was reported saying that a dead-end has not been reached as yet.

Earlier in May this year, Pakistan failed to seal the $700 million deal for the purchase of eight F-16 fighter jets from the United States. Both nations were involved in a row over their financing. As per reports by the Dawn, the Pakistani government was required to provide the Letter of Acceptance for purchase of the jets by May 24, but it wasn’t issued that led to expiry of the offer.(ALSO READ: Donald Trump on verge of winning presidency of United States)

Trump had promised the Indian-American community at an event in New Jersey that India would find a true friend at the White House. “I am a big fan of Hindu and I am a big fan of India. If I am elected president, the Indian and Hindu community would have a true friend at the White House,” he had said at an event organized by the Hindu Republican Coalition. Talking on India’s stand on terrorism, Trump termed India as America’s great friend and said that he appreciated India’s fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who emerged as an early and vociferous supporter, appears to be on the shortlist for the position of the secretary of state, according to an NBC news report. It would however be good news for India if Gingrich takes charge as the secretary of state. As per reports, Gingrich has been an outspoken supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gingrich on the sidelines of the Republican Party convention in July had told reporters that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Donald Trump are a natural fit.(ALSO READ: Donald Trump elected as 45th President of United States of America)

Gingrich also holds position as is also honorary chairman of the Hindu Republican Coalition. The Coalition is a pressure group founded by Chairman Shalabh Kumar who is a Chicago businessman. Trump was poised for this victory over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s historic US presidential election. A swing state victory for the Republican Party jolted markets across the world and stunned Hillary’s supporters to no end.  Media gave the key battleground states of Ohio, Florida and North Carolina to the Republican Donald.

Trump earlier said that India is the world’s largest democracy and is a natural ally of the US. “Under a Trump Administration, we are going to become even better friends. In fact, I will take the word even out because we are going to be best friends. I look forward to working with Prime Minister Modi,” he said.

Lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Trump said, “Your great Prime Minister has been a pro-growth leader for India. He has simplified the tax code, cut the taxes and the economy is strong growing at 7 per cent year. Excellent”.

Earlier in June this year, right-wing group Hindu Sena celebrated Donald Trump’s birthday as he turned 70. The Hindu Sena had a nice time at Jantar Mantar with a birthday cake, balloons and big poster of the newly elected President Trump. The Hindu Sena has agreed on Trump’s opinion about Muslims. “Trump has said Muslims should be banned from entering America. Everyone should support that,” said Hindu Sena leader Vishnu Gupta.

Despite a series of controversies, Trump has achieved one of the most improbable political victories in history. Trump was also criticized for having a record of being a racist and someone who lacks conventional political experience. Trump left Trump Tower for Hilton Midtown, where the president elect then took to the stage.