Cyprus, Mar 29: An EgyptAir plane MS 181 has been hijacked and forced to land in Cyprus. According to initial reports, Airbus A320 of EgyptAir was hijacked by unknown hijacker and made landing at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus at 8:50 am. EgyptAir has released official statement confirming the reports of hijacking of flight MS 181. There were 81 people onboard, said the official statement.

According to reports, a passengers threatened the pilot of flight MS 181 with suicide belt. There are reports that the hijacker allowed the women and children to leave the plane. A passenger claimed to have an explosive belt and demanded to be flown to Larnaca. Some of the passengers were seen disembarking from the plane, reported AP. The negotiation are under-way with the unknown hijacker. The exact number of attackers is still unclear.

Here’s what we know so far about the hijacking of EgyptAir plane MS 181

1- The EgyptAirline flight MS 181 had taken off from Alexandria and was supposed to land in Cairo.

2- As per reports, the flight was hijacked midair and the unknown hijacker forced to divert the plane to Cyprus.

3- At 8: 30 am the hijacked plane got permission to land at Lancara airport in Cyprus.

4- Pilot of hijacked Egypt Air plane was threatened by a passenger with suicide belt.

5- There are also reports of an armed man being on board the plane.

6- The hijacker made no immediate demands and a crisis team has been deployed to the airport.