Berlin, Dec 6: At least six commuters were injured when a passenger train and a freight train, running on the same track, collided on Tuesday. The collision took place outside the town of Meerbusch, near Dusseldorf Germany. The train was carrying 155 people when the accident took place at about 19:30 local time (18:30 GMT), according to a statement from Germany’s state-owned railway group Deutsche Bahn.

While three passengers were “badly hurt”, the others suffered light injuries, the Meerbusch fire department said on Twitter. Police initially said 50 people were injured in the crash, while 150 people were trapped on the train. However, the authorities later clarified just 5 people were injured. The fire department also said that its staff were “in contact with the people on the train” and that full access to the passengers “should be possible”.

It was not immediately clear what caused the accident. A National Express spokesman told Bild newspaper that the driver “noticed an obstacle on the track and immediately hit the emergency brake”. “The rescue services on the ground have the situation under control. The injured people are gradually being transferred to hospital,” the fire department tweeted.

The regional express train carrying passengers is run by the privately-owned British operator National Express, while the cargo train is operated by DB Cargo, Deutsche Bahn said. In May, seven people were lightly injured when a regional train derailed in eastern Germany.