New Delhi, October 6: Around seven people were killed after a heavy storm “Xavier” hit Germany on Thursday. The storm has caused heavy damage in northern and eastern parts of the country. Also, rail and air services were disrupted. Dozens were injured by the heavy winds that swept through Berlin. Trees were uprooted, and billboards were seen on the ground due to the gusting winds that touched a speed of 130 km/hr.

According to the weather service of the country, heavy winds would continue in northern Germany. ” Tree fell on a car which had two women. One of them died on the spot while the other one was seriously injured,” said the police of Hamburg.

A representative of the police confirmed the death of a truck driver who was killed by a falling tree in his vehicle.

Commuters stranded at Berlin station (Image: Twitter)
Commuters stranded at Berlin station
(Image: Twitter)

Many commuters were stranded at railway stations after authorities were forced to cancel trains in eastern and northern Germany as trees had fallen on many routes. As per news agency PTI, a spokesman of the rail operator Deutsche Bahn said that many tracks in the north and east Germany are not fit to be used.

Trains connecting to Hamburg, Hanover and Berlin were called off as the three cities were badly hit by the storm. Due to this, hundreds of passengers were forced to spend the night at the stations. Some of the passengers turned trains into temporary accommodation.

In Berlin- the capital city of Germany, regional trains were running only partial services because the emergency crew was struggling to remove fallen trees from the tracks.

“The clearing work could last all day,” said a spokesman for Berlin’s rail service.
The capital’s firefighter service said the emergency situation continues, as it called on volunteers to return to help out from 8:00 am local time.