Washington, Jan 11: US President-elect Donald Trump addressed the first press conference after winning the elections on November 8. Trump did not refrain from making contentious and candid remarks on the issue of alleged Russian interference in US elections. Referring to the intelligence reports which suggested that Russia had hacked the US presidential elections, Trump said “it is fake”. Being questioned about his bonhomie with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump replied, “If Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what folks, that’s called an asset, not a liability.”

Trump also made it clear in the press meet that his priority would only remain the government of United States, and not his business empire. “I can handle my business as well as government at the same time. I won’t be doing so. But, folks, I can do it if I want to without any compromise,” he said, further adding that his business operations would now be handles by his sons.

‘Intelligence report (suggesting hack) were fake, it is a disgrace’

Trump attacked the section of media for smearing him through the claims made in the intelligence report, which suggested Russia’s involvement in the electoral process. “Intelligence meeting are confidential, classified. I can’t share information here. It would be disgrace if our information are leaked. But it is a fake news. It is a fake intelligence report. As far as hacking goes, we can also be hacked by other nations. We have lost information to China. It has hacked 22 million accounts of this nation” he added.

Trump further clarified saying that he has no personal, professional or business relations with Russia. I have no loans, no deals with Russia. We could had made quite easily if we wanted to, but it would had been conflict of (interest),” Trump said.

Friendship with Putin an asset

On being asked about the warm twitter exchanges between him and the Russian President, Trump said, “If Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what folks, that’s called an asset, not a liability.”

“Russia can help us fight the ISIS. It is the biggest threat. Those extremists are the enemies of mankind. Russia can help us to restore normalcy in the Middle East,” the US President-elect said.

On his relation with Putin, Trump was quick to add, “I don’t think that I would be able to get along with Putin. But if I don’t, I know what to do. Does anyone think Hillary would had been more tougher than me?”

“As far as I consider, Putin should not be involved in the hacking. He is not involved in it. My message for him would be that their respect for US, led by me, would be far greater, than what they had during other presidencies,” Trump added.

‘Will be the greatest job creator God has ever created’

Trump made it clear that job creation in United States is the first priority for his government. He reiterated that the trade pacts would be renegotiated in order to restrict the entry of guest workers. Trump added that he would create favourable conditions for business to thrive in United States, but made it clear that industries should hire the workers of US, rather than bringing migrant workers at lower wages.

On being asked whether his stern measures could lead to shift in industries from US to neighbouring Mexico, Trump said, “If industries choose to leave US and go to Mexico, their products would not enter in our borders for our sale. If they cannot pay our great US workers, then they have no sell their products in the market… Jobs should be brought back to US. It is going to happen. US workers would be first priority. I will be the greatest job creator God has ever created.”