Islamabad, May 19: Pakistan accused India of trying to divert nuclear materials it obtained under the Nuclear Suppliers Group waiver to make weapons. Nafees Zakaria, foreign office spokesman of Pakistan on Thursday said concerns of diversions aren’t new. “India enjoys diverting nuclear material for peaceful use to  nuclear weapons programme,” said Zakaria.

He said misuse of nuclear by India is a serious matter of nuclear proliferation, adding, “also it is a grave implications for strategic stability in South Asia and national security of Pakistan.”  He said that reports prove India’s nuclear weapon programme is the fastest growing in the world. Zakaria cited a report put forward by Harvard Kennedy School, saying, many reports suggest that nuclear weapons obtained by India from foreign soil and it is a matter of concern in its existing and future unsafe guarded nuclear reactors.

” India has gathered over 2600 nuclear weapons,” said Zakaria. Also, he stated that NSG states have to take into account well-founded concerns while considering transfer of nuclear material to India and its NSG membership bid.  Zakaria claimed that many nuclear experts and media reports in past few years have raised concerns over transparency, the absence of international safeguards, and the potential for diversion of unsafeguarded nuclear material for nuclear weapons in India.
Zakaria also said that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was establishing units in Kashmir, which were managed by non-Kashmiri activists. “Their increasing presence in (Kashmir) is to terrorise Kashmiris and deter them from participating in the self- determination movement,” he alleged.

Zakaria called on the the international community to take notice of the situation in Kashmir and condemned the ban on social media and TV channels in the valley.

e said Pakistan extends full cooperation to United Nations military observers in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) in monitoring situation on the Line of Control and the Working Boundary. Talking about the issue of medical visas by India, he said most patients who were travelling to India from Pakistan have serious ailments requiring urgent medical attention.

“Despite paying for their treatment themselves, these patients are being deprived of their basic right to health, due to political consideration on the part of India,” he said. “While granting or denying a visa is a sovereign right of any country, this Indian move is unprecedented in inter-state relations,” he said.