Las Vegas, October 4: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had a habit of gambling. The wealthy killer would gamble for $10,000 every day. He also sent a sum of $100,000 to his girl friend in Philippines. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking into the role of his girl friend in the crime. The investigation agency is ascertaining whether the woman had prior knowledge of Stephen Paddock’s nefarious plan.

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock‘s 62-year-old girl friend Marilou Danley has been termed as a person of interest by the sheriff. The FBI is trying to bring her back to the United States. She was in the Philippines at the time of the deadly attack that left 59 dead. The sheriff said the authorities are expecting some information from the woman. The authorities are trying to figure what set the 64-year-old retired accountant off.

Paddock had transferred $100,000 to his girlfriend in the Philippines a day before the strike. His expenditure pattern also shows that he was a high-stake gambler and would gamble to the tune of $10,000 everyday.

Investigation has revealed that Paddock has made elaborate arrangements for his assault. He had a camera installed in his hotel room and had piled up 24 guns and thousands of rounds before opening fire from a hotel window at people attending the concert. There were three cameras in his room–one in the peephole and two in the hallway. (Also read: Investigators search for motive in Las Vegas massacre)

The sheriff said Paddock was prepared for anybody coming in and take him into custody. He shot a security guard through the door.

Investigators found that he also had a computer and 12 “bump stock” devices that can make an ordinary rifle fire incessantly like an assault rifle.  The sheriff said that he knew what he was doing. The authorities are trying to find out whether he was radicalised or not.