New Delhi, July 18: Following the White House’s unveiling of the ‘Made in America’ idea, google trend came up with an interesting data, which showed that people, a lot of them actually, searched for two key terms and they were ‘Trump products’ and ‘Made in America’. This has direct links to the growing criticism against the move by President Donald Trump’s administration for hypocrisy as many people, netizens especially, showed how contrary to what the White House preaches about, the Trump products are themselves made in foreign countries.

While the President is set to declare this week as the ‘Made in America’ week in a bid to promote products manufactured in the United States. Interestingly, the first orders of business of the White House’s initiative was to provide firms the chance to hire foreign workers under the H-2B visa program.

The primary reason why Trump has come under fire is that as alleged by many, several of the Trump products are made in China. Several Twitter users also posted images of these products which are labelled as ‘Made in China’.

According to Huffington Post, White House spokesperson Helen Aguirre Ferre was questioned if Trump would use this ‘Made In America’ initiative to push his daughter Ivanka Trump to make her fashion line products in the United States. To this she responded by saying that she will get back to the question with a reply. The Washington Post earlier reported that most of Ivanka’s products are made by low-wage workers in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.

While President Trump have been openly criticising products made in China, Mexico or other foreign countries and emphasising the importance of manufacturing in America, he came under fire during his campaigns again for his use of steel and aluminum from China.