A video of a man proposing his girlfriend in front of Kaaba, the holiest site of Muslims inside the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arbia’s Mecca city, is going viral on social media. A Turkish TRT reporter Yusuf Akyun proposed his would be wife kneeling in front of the Holy Kaaba. Yusuf’s girlfriend asked him to present to her the wedding ring while kneeling in front of the Holy Kaaba. She also asked him to film the event, reported Alarabiya.net.

Yusuf Akyun, who is a correspondent and an announcer at the Turkish government TRT space channel, fulfilled the wish of his would be wife and proposed her in front of Kaaba. In the video, Yusuf is seen presenting wedding ring to his girlfriend kneeling in front of the holy structure. “We are here in front of the Kaaba and in the presence of our blessed mothers,” Yusuf said in a video of the proposal that went viral on social media.

The woman asked Yusuf to kneel while asking her hand. “Kneel down otherwise I won’t say yes,” she said. Anger poured after the video went viral. Yusuf, who faced widespread criticism for his action at the holiest place of Islam, later deleted his social media accounts. Some social media users also demanded the turkish TV channel to take action against Yusuf for disrespecting the holy site.