Islamabad, Jan 11: Pakistan’s Tehreek-e -Insaf Party chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said if he is elected to power in general elections this year, he would meet the United States President Donald Trump. Khan, also former skipper of Pakistan Cricket Team, said the meeting with the US president will be equivalent to swallowing the bitter pill. The relations between Pakistan and the United States have worsened after Trump accused Pakistan of giving “lies and deceit” in lieu of monetary help of $33 billion.

Imran said “I will dread it, but I will have to swallow the bitter pill and meet him. Whether we would be able to communicate, I am not so sure, but of course, we, countries, have to work with the United States,” said Khan.

Khan added Trump has insulted Pakistan by scapegoating it for disaster in Afghanistan. Alleging that  Trump used Pakistan as a doormat, Khan emphasised that America’s treatment has not been fair. Pakistan, after Trump’s tweet on the new year, has allegedly stopped sharing intelligence inputs with American authorities.

“US military aid suspension to Pakistan has no importance. At the same time, strategic dialogue between the two countries has also faced suspension for last two years. High-level dialogues with the US would not work until resumption and consistency in working level dialogues,” said Pakistan’s Defence Minister Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan.

Khan also slammed Pakistan for sending its troops in Afghanistan in ‘war on terror’. He said Pakistan may have supported the action against terrorism but sending troops has turned tribal people against the army.