Saudi Arabia, May 20: US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump were given a warm welcome after they got down from Air Force on Saudi’s soil. The duo, as per New York Times, were greeted on a red carpet by King Salman and members of the Saudi monarchy. Mrs. Trump took to Twitter to thank the king for a warm welcome. “Thank you for a beautiful welcome to ! ,” Mrs. Trump penned on the social media giant.

The US President got the salute of Saudi military on arrival and American flags could be seen all over. This is Donald Trump’s first foreign visit since he took the charge of White House. The US President is on a two-day visit to Saudi to hold a series of meetings over the weekends before Air Force one takes off to Israel. Trump, in total, is on a 9-day tour to the Middle East and Europe.

The 45th President of USA  has strongly raised concerns over terrorism and it is expected that he might discuss of putting an end to it and give a speech on Islam. Trump wasn’t to tighten the grip of White House that became loose over the years with Arab.

Saudi officials on the efforts of Trump trying to regain the momentum with Arab said that under the Presidency of Barrack Obama difference of opinions somewhat deterred the relations. Citizens of Saudi were excited that Donald Trump chose Riyadh as his first stop.

As per Aljazeera, people of Saudi want to see a good relation with the USA which they did not witness under Obama’s regime. Also, they were unhappy with the policy of US in Yemen and in Syria.