Today was one of the biggest day in the world mergers and acquisition (M&A) of enterprises, when Microsoft announced its’s $26.2 billion deal and $1936 per share in cash with LinkedIn. Two of the biggest names in information and technology industry joined has strike a deal on Monday morning, the biggest social network of professionals is being acquired by the world’s biggest professional cloud.



Linkedin has a user base of around 433 million users, and thus it boasts of the largest professional social network. Jeff Weiner, the CEO, LinkedIn in his blog reminiscing his first day at LinkedIn expressed his feelings about the deal.

Weiner writes,” LinkedIn will be combining forces with Microsoft, marks the next step in our journey together, the next stepping stone toward realizing our mission and vision, and in remaining CEO of the company, the next chapter in the greatest professional experience of my life.” (ALSO READ:Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 million)

Here are info which you need to know about the big deal:

1) For Microsoft which aims to come out with more services for the enterprises, LinkedIn will be a big asset and might work wonders together.

2)  If for some reason the deal does not go through then LinkedIn will be liable to pay Microsoft a $725 million termination fee.

3) Microsoft which has primarily been focused on software, unable to achieve milestone success in hardware and phones business, LinkedIn will help Microsoft maximizing reach in terms of social networking services and professional content.

4) Lynda which was acquired by LinkedIn earlier to provide one stop development tools to their user base, might well be seen in Microsoft software products.

5) This deal is not at all about a failing company getting acquired by a giant. Rather, the integration between both the organization giants in their own area, certainly will bring more innovation.

6) Jeff Weiner still remains the CEO of LinkedIn and will report to Microsoft’s head Satya Nadella.(ALSO READ: Sundar Pichai as Google CEO, Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO: 9 Indians who head global companies)

7) LinkedIn will retain it’s brand and distincts.

8) Microsoft will take next step forward with Office 365 and Dynamics as they connect to the world’s most valuable professional network.