New Delhi, Oct 11: Flights services between European Union (EU) and Britain could be severely affected on the day UK walks out of the EU, a top Conservative Party leader has claimed.

Chancellor Philip Hammond said that if Britain decides to leave EU without a deal on March 29, 2019 there could be “no air traffic”.

“It is theoretically conceivable that in a no deal scenario there will be no air traffic moving between the UK and the European Union on the 29th March 2019. But I don’t think anybody seriously believes that that is where we will get to,” The Telegraph quoted Philip Hammond, as saying.

According to reports, Britain is also toying with the idea of joining a trade alliance with countries like the US, Canada and Mexico if the EU refuses to ink a post-Brexit trade deal.

The Telegraph said British ministers were looking at joining the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as part of planning for the possibility of Britain leaving the EU in March 2019 without a trade deal. It gave no sources for the report.

“As we prepare to leave the EU, we will seek to transition all existing EU trade arrangements to ensure that the UK maintains the greatest amount of certainty, continuity and stability in our trade and investment relationships,” a spokesman for the Department for International Trade said.

UK Not Ramping Up For No Brexit Deal: Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May today categorically said that her country was not “ramping up” for a no deal in Brexit talks with the European Union.

May said underlined that her government was preparing for every eventuality, including leaving EU without any deal.

“We are preparing for every eventuality. We are committing money to prepare for Brexit including a no-deal scenario,” she told parliament.

“We are not ramping up a no-deal scenario, we are actively working with the negotiations with the European Union to ensure that we get a good deal,” May added.

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