Santa Rosa, Oct 13: At least 31 people were reportedly killed in deadliest wildfire outbreak in Northern California. The largest of the group of 21 fires has continued its wrath since Sunday. Out of the 31 deaths, 17 have been reported from Sonoma County, eight from Mendocino County, four from Yuba County and two from Napa County.

Till Friday, a total of 3% of 40,000-plus acre Atlas Fire in Napa and Solano counties was contained whereas, the 34,000-acre Tubbs Fire in Napa and Sonoma was under control by only 10%.

Fires have been ravaging Northern California’s wine country since Sunday night, resulting into huge loss of lives and property in the region. 400 people are said to be missing in Sonoma County alone, where a fire wiped out thousands of homes in Santa Rosa. An estimated 2,834 homes were destroyed in Santa Rosa alone, along with about 400,000 square feet of commercial space.

Notably, the death toll from the wildfires in the wine country has exceeded the number of 25 people who were killed in the 1991 Oakland Hills fire.

Reports say that some of the bodies were recovered intact, while others were reduced to ashes and bones. 10 people who died in the wildfire have been identified.

Here is the list of those killed in the wildfire:

  • Carol Collins-Swasey, 76, of Santa Rosa
  • Lynne Anderson Powell, 72, of Santa Rosa
  • Arthur Tasman Grant, 95, of Santa Rosa
  • Suiko Grant, 75, of Santa Rosa
  • Donna Mae Halbur, 80, of Larkfield-Wikiup
  • Leroy Peter Halbur, 80, of Larkfield-Wikiup
  • Valerie Lynn Evans, 75, of Santa Rosa
  • Carmen Caldentey Berriz, 75, of Apple Valley
  • Michael John Dornbach, 57, of Calistoga
  • Veronica Elizabeth McCombs, 67, of Santa Rosa

A total of 30 air tankers, nearly 75 helicopters and 550 fire engines with several thousand firefighters already have been pressed into service statewide even as the firefighting and rescue operations continue in Northern California.