Islamabad, Dec 7: The Pakistan Air Force on Thursday said it will shoot down any drone sighted in its airspace, including those of the United States. PAF Chief Sohail Aman said no such trespassing will be tolerated which threatens the nation’s ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity’.

This announcement comes weeks after a US drone strike targeted a terrorist compound in the country’s tribal region near the Afghanistan border, slaying three militants.

Noteworthy that even earlier after similar aerial attacks, the PAF had issued such warnings and condemned them. But this is the first time, they have threatened to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles. According to The Times of India, Aman said, “We will not allow anyone to violate our airspace. I have ordered PAF to shoot down drones, including those of the US, if they enter our airspace, violating the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The report claimed that the CIA is responsible for all US drone strikes in Pakistan until November 30 this year. It also claimed airspace violations by the US has been going on since 2004, claiming lives of hundreds of civilians as well as senior leaders of terrorist groups.

Aman during the address said the PAF has strengthened itself many fold and referred to the 2012 attack on Kamra airbase by terrorists. He said, since that attack, PAF has turned stronger and better. He also announced that soon Pakistan will make its own jet-fighters.