Dubai, Apr 4: A top Dubai security official on Tuesday, April 3, warned the Gulf communities about Pakistani citizens bringing drugs into the city and said that they posed a serious threat to the Gulf nations. Head of general security in Dubai Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan issued a stern warning to the countries and said, “The Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf communities for the drugs they bring with them to our countries.”

Lt Khalfan’s warning has come after an increasing number of cases emerged in which Pakistani citizens were held for peddling drugs into Dubai or operating somewhere else to target the people of the United Arab Emirates’s largest city. The security official also urged the Gulf countries against employing Pakistanis, Zee News reported.

In March, Dubai Police arrested four men for possessing 91.7 kilograms of Captagon pills. “It is a successful operation. An undercover policeman contacted the gang and lured them to buy the drugs… The two suspects went to bring the bag which was hidden under a tree. A team of officers monitored them and arrested them red-handed,” Major General Al Mansouri said, Gulf News reported.