Washington, May 16: United States President Donald Trump will give a speech on Islam while his visit to Saudi Arabia on Friday, White House confirmed the development. As all eyes are now set on President Donald Trumps speech on Islam where a large number of Muslim leader will be present. According to a report, President Donald Trump will also address Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia about confronting radical Islam and will participate in opening a centre committed to promoting moderation, National Security Advisor (NSA) H.R. McMaster said on Tuesday.

This will be Donald Trump’s first foreign trip as United States President on Friday, which will start in Saudi Arabia.

According to The Hill, McMaster said Donald Trump would address leaders from 50 Muslim and Muslim-majority countries there. The Hill reported that President Trump will deliver an inspiring but direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology and he is further looking for a peaceful vision of Islam to dominate across the Middle East as well as the globe.

“Donald Trump’s speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world, especially the Middle East against common enemies and to demonstrate United State’s commitment to our Muslim allies,” McMaster said.

In Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump is also expected to “participate in the founding of a new centre intended to fight radicalism and promote moderation”.

McMaster was quoted by The Hill where he said that “by establishing this centre and making it operational, Saudi Arabia is taking a firm stand against radicalism and extremism.”