Moscow, Dec 2: A Russian cargo which was heading to the International Space Station crashed due to malfunction. Reportedly, the cargo burned up in the atmosphere after Russian space officials lost control of it. They said that they stopped receiving data from it.

The Progress MS-04 cargo craft lifted from Russia’s space launch complex in Baikonur, Kazakhstan at 8:51 p m local time. It entered an orbit nine minutes later and was set to dock with the space station on Saturday.

Russia’s space agency Roscosmos said in a statement that after 383 seconds of the launch, the transmission of data from the ship cut off. Experts are looking into the cause of the glitch that resulted in the mishap. The ship is delivering 2.5 metric tonnes of fuel, water, food and other supplies.

“According to preliminary information, as a result of an abnormal situation, the cargo ship’s loss occurred some 190 kilometres above the remote, unpopulated mountainous territory of (Russia’s) Tuva region, and most fragments burned up in dense layers of the atmosphere,” Roscosmos said in a statement. (ALSO READ- Unmanned ISS cargo ship burns up on way to ISS: Russia)

PTI quoted Roscosmos as saying that earlier today that it had lost contact with the Progress MS-04 ship 383 seconds after it launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.Experts who are probing the incident did not reveal if the crash would affect future launches. The space agency said the loss will “not affect the normal operations of the ISS systems and the subsistence of the station’s crew”.

Meanwhile, NASA on its website assured that supplies at the space laboratory are “at good levels”. This is the second failed launch of a Progress cargo ship in less than two years.A Progress ship had disintegrated and plunged to Earth, following which Russia put all space travel on hold for nearly three months.  (Image Credits- NASA Facebook)