London, October 12: Sally Jones, a British Jihadist, was killed in the month of June in a drone strike while she was trying to escape Raqqa, the ISIS capital. As per reports, in 2013, Jones had gone to Syria with her son, this was before she became a member of the terrorist organization.

She later became a recruiter of ISIS and was known as White Widow, reported Daily Mail. Jones was running towards Syrian border settlement of Mayadin as armed forces had surrounded the ISIS capital. Also, she was a  propagandist on social media for the Islamic State. However, the officials of the Whitehall refrained from making a comment on her death, but they did not deny the reports.

The 48-year-old deceased had tied the knot to a jihadist Junaid Hussain, who had also become a victim of the drone strikes in 2015.

As a recruiter of the ISIS, Jones used to influence the western girls and used to post threatening messages to Christians residing in the United Kingdom. She was born in Greenwich London, and also, Jones always encouraged people to carry out attacks on the UK and for this, she used to guide people on making homemade bombs.

Her husband was a computer hacker for the Islamic State.  As per reports, Jones was one of the most iconic recruiters of ISIS and with the ideas, the terrorist organization was getting into the roots of Britain.

For three years, she was the world’s most wanted female terrorist. The news of her death was delayed amid fears that her son might also have been killed in the drone strike but it is not clear if her son was with her.