Riyadh, May 19: Women in Saudi do not contribute much to the working environment of the country, only 22 per cent women in the country work. Saudi does not have for recreation. Many citizens of this country travel abroad for fun and entertainment. As per a report of Washington Post, people of Saudi spend more than  $5 billion a year to get into the recreation mode and to stop this, Prince Mohammed plans to boost energy of people by installing more entertainment facilities in the country.

The options available for entertainment for Saudis are shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants. Men and women in the recent years have been allowed to mingle in public and for that, they have just a few options. Prince Mohammed in his vision 2030 aims to make people happy in leisure time as they will be more productive towards work. The country’s top brass believes that people need more options to re-energize as they work hard and Saudi has a lot of weekends in a year.

Amr al-Madani, an official of the Entertainment group has said that his group has lent support to 100 events across 21 cities which include art and food festival. This was Arab’s first YouTube fanfest. Some conservative Saudis have complained that Prince is moving too fast. Madani said that his job is to make sure that only family events go on the floor and Saudi values prevail in the air as many fear that entertainment will catch the western style.

People involved in the 2030 vision have a feeling that the amount Saudis spend in travelling abroad can be invested in the vicinity of the country if more options are available. Many residents of Saudi think that it’s better to invest money in their own country if they have the option available.

A 29-year-old scuba diving instructor hopes to open his own school and believes that as the world is moving forward, they need to cope up too. The Deputy Prince of Saudi Mohammed bin Salman has a vision 2030 for his nation. The 31-year-old has an image of an influential leader. He met US President Donald Trump in March and both are expected to meet again this weekend.

Abrar Qari, 23, the first Saudi woman with a government license to run a video production studio, said that the changing wind towards women is a welcome step and it will allow her to expand her business and teach the society. Prince Mohammed’s vision 2030 is being talked everywhere and he also spoke about it on the national television this month.