Washington, Sept 13: A shooting was reported at the Freeman High School here in Rockford in Spokane County. The school has 327 children enrolled in it. Although no casualties were reported by the time this report was first published, multiple injuries were confirmed by local reports.

The prime suspect was reportedly detained by the police after arriving on the spot. The incident of live firing was confirmed by the Spokane Valley Fire Department.

“Engine 9, Ladder 10, Valley 2, Valley 22 responding mutual aid to an active shooter at Freeman High School south of Spokane Valley,” the fire department posted on Twitter

All nearby schools were put on lockdown after alert was issued about the presence of the active shooter. The area was cordoned off.

Spokane Public Schools said it is concerned about the development on the campus at Rockford, claiming that ensuring the safety of students is their first priority. The enrolled children would be handed over to their parents or taken to home after the situation comes completely under control.

According to one of the school staff, cited by local reports, the students have taken refuge at the Freeman Elementary School classroom.