New Delhi, Mar 14: Singapore has toppled London and New York to become the best performing Smart City, according to a study by Juniper Research and Intel. The Global Smart City Performance Index 2017, which was released on Monday, was adjudged on the basis of four parameters- mobility, health, safety and productivity. The study was conducted to scrutinize the benefits of a Smart City for its residents in 20 cities. It was aimed at measuring how technology saved time for people and helped in improving their quality of life. Singapore ranked first not only as the Smart City but also topped the four parameters.

The study also noted Singapore‘s steady use of Internet-of-Things (IoT)-enabled infrastructure which facilitated the city’s day-to-day work. For instance, the applied smart traffic solutions used by the Land Transport Authority helps drivers save up to 60 hours a year. The study threw light upon Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative and its ability to execute its Smart City vision.

Singapore was followed by San Francisco and London which were ranked second and third respectively in the use of technology. Both the cities were ranked on the basis of their efforts in using technology solutions for  curbing traffic congestion.

Singapore and Seoul also performed well in the healthcare sector, as per the study. Both the cities pressed on the issue of healthcare service provision for elderly citizens through a varied range of technology. The study found that Smart Cities which were well-connected with digital health services, like apps which can be worn for monitoring blood pressure, could help in saving individuals close to ten hours a year.

Juniper Research’s head of forecasting and consultancy Mr Windsor Holden said that the importance of real human benefits that Smart Cities had couldn’t be overlooked. He added that connected communities had a powerful impact on a citizen’s quality of life. Moreover, enhancement in public safety through the use of IoT technologies may aid in saving time for the residents. Singapore was also appreciated for having run the trial for smart video surveillance in order to detect criminal activity.

Singapore was applauded for the major evolution and was held up as an example.