New Delhi, April 11: Two Indian men and a woman have been sentenced to 517 years in prison by a Dubai court for swindling thousands of people in a multi-million-dollar fraud case. The accused  Lemos, his wife Valany and Ryan D’Souza were convicted in the 515 cases filed against them and were sentenced to one year in jail each in 513 cases and two years in jail for the remaining two cases.

The judge of the special bench sentenced Valany in absentia. She remains at large. While Lemons was arrested in January this year and D’Souza was arrested when he was trying to leave the country. The report said that they took money from investors promising huge returns by investing the money in the foreign exchange market. However, in the starting, investors were paid, but slowly the payments stopped.

In the case first hearing took place in December last year and the trial was completed on Sunday. Department of Economic Development of Dubai closed the Exential office in July 2016.  A UAE lawyer representing a group of victims said the ruling may help recover some of his clients’ money.

As news agency PTI quoted, Almazar said that the court decision of more than 500 years’ imprisonment sends a very strong message to the public that Dubai is not taking financial crimes lightly.

(With agency inputs)