Washington, September 12: The Supreme Court on Monday gave a green signal to the request made by Donald Trump administration to lift restrictions on the president’s travel ban. An appeals court earlier restricted Donald Trump’s effort to temporarily bar most refugees to enter the soil of United States.

A ruling of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals pushed Trump on the back foot of travel ban on those refugees that have formal assurances from settlement agencies from entering the US. The ruling of the court also included those who are in the US. Refugee Admissions Program

As per Justice  Anthony Kennedy, a part of the decision lies in a court of Hawaii that is due on Tuesday, September 12.

Now with this, those who have family members in the US or have a job, or are enrolled in American Universities cannot be barred from entering the States. Earlier, Trump had banned travellers from six Muslim-majority countries but after the Court’s ruling, this ban was lifted and instead a ban was imposed on refugees and citizens of just six of the seven countries.

The top justices of the country will sit for a hearing to discuss if the ban was legal or not.