Milwaukee, Oct 6: A 23-year-old woman set her 4-year-old son on fire in the bathtub. The boy was autistic, and was heard screaming, “Please, Mommy. Stop! I won’t do it again.” The boy’s body was found in the apartment in the morning by the fire department when it responded to calls of smoke coming from the building.

According to Fox2Now, Amelia Di Stasio allegedly tied the boy with seven belts and burned the boy. A neighbour said that she heard the boy screaming before fire trucks arrived. Di Stasio climbed down from her apartment. The police arrested her later.

The police found an open bottle of canola cooking oil near the boy’s body. She was searching “how do cannibals die” and “how to kill a cannibal” on her cell phone. Di Stasio allegedly visited a thread of posts that said that cannibals “often like to bath in oil.”

Seven belts were used to tie the boy’s hands and arms, and a plastic bag was placed over his head. The autopsy report said that his skin was charred and there were thermal injuries to his body. Police have charged her with first-degree homicide.