Harare, Nov 15: Shocking events unfolded in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, when the country’s army seized the state broadcaster. The army swung into action 24 hours after military chief General Constantino Chiwenga threatened to intervene if President Robert Mugabe doesn’t end a purge of his allies in his political party. The army, has, however said that it was not a coup and President Mugabe was safe.

CNBC reported that soldiers told the vehicles on the road to keep on passing without trying anything funny. It said that two hours after this, the army took over the state broadcaster, ZBC, and asked the staff to leave peacefully. Three explosions were also heard in the city.

BBC reported that the military read out a statement on ZBC that it took action to target criminals and it was to target criminals. It said that it was not a military takeover of government and Mugabe was safe.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom Foreign Office told its citizens in Harare to remain at home until situation became clearer.

“Due to ongoing uncertainty in Zimbabwe, the U.S. Embassy in Harare will be minimally staffed and closed to the public on November 15. Embassy personnel will continue to monitor the situation closely,” US state department said in a tweet.

The army action came hours after Zimbabwe’s ruling party accused the army chief of “treasonable conduct.”
General Constantino Chiwenga had warned President Mugabe of intervention after he sacked the vice-president.