Aamir Khan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Alia Bhatt famous Pisces celebrities: Time to know Pisces star sign better

Bollywood boasts of several famous celebrities who are proud Pisces. Be it Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan celebrating his birthday on 14th March or pretty, vivacious 23-year old Alia Bhatt or apna desi music sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh born on 15th March. The list is endless of these popular celebrities. So are you born between 19th  February and 20th March? Is your birthday coming in the the next ten day? May be many of you reading this article could be the next Aamir or Alia.  Read this article will describe your traits and elements of your personality.

Symbol: Meen or the Fish
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Most Compatible sun signs : Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces

The Pisces Man


More than outward appearances, the Pisces men rely on their gut feeling to know how the people actually are. These men are inspiring and charming individuals.

Adventure Lovers: They are lovers of adventure, travel and social gatherings. Routines and restrictions are what they dislike the most.
Ambitious and Hard-working: Pisces men can get the best in the life, provided they learn to not be lazy. They are not money-minded but often achieve goals in a short period via short-cuts
Very Romantic: These men will treat their women with love and respect, help them realize their dreams and give them everything that they’d ask for.
Sensitivity and Self pity: While their sensitivity is their strength, it is also their weakness. The men born under this Sign may not be straightforward fearing they might hurt the other person’s emotions. They can’t firmly say a plain and simple ‘no’. This many a times lands them in trouble. They also often fall into the pit of self-pity and wrongdoings.

The Pisces Woman


Mysterious and sensual, the Pisces women are romantic and spiritual individuals with deep emotions. Their dreams are vivid and meaningful making them less practical and more complicated to understand.

Highly imaginative, creative and artistic: These women have an inclination for painting, performing arts, writing or various other creative pursuits Besides, they are highly intuitive and trust their instincts more that they believe their eyes and ears.
Need Love: The Pisces females have an utmost need to be loved and protected, and even the slightest negligence will hurt them. This trait makes them not just moody, but also very sensitive. So one will have to be very careful while addressing them. They are vulnerable and have highly emotional because of which men naturally get drawn to them. Pisces woman to get romantically involved in men who are not right for them and may even get hurt and suffer from self-pity and low self-worth
Bad Temper: Don’t provoke Pisces women.They can turn bitterly sarcastic and go away from you forever.
Quite Impractical and Indecisive: They are emotionally dependant and a little childish. In order to avoid pain and heartache, they would simply avoid confrontation and bitter arguments. Run away or just go with the

So hopefully after reading this article, you know yourself better.