‘Dangal’ is in buzz in and fans are super excited after watching the trailer of this much talked about Aamir Khan film. The film revolves around Mahavir Singh Phogat’s life, a wrestler who aspired to win a gold medal. Phogat then trained his daughters to win the gold in the field. With such an inspiring script ahead, the movie was sure to get into the minds of people. But what has taken the fans aback is the astounding transformation of the lead actor Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan plays a role of the young wrestler as well as the old father of his daughters. Thus it was crucial for him to have the physical appearance according to the roles. Resulting, Aamir Khan took this up as challenge and did this amazing transformation upon himself! Everyone liked the ‘fit’ Aamir and not the ‘fat’ Aamir. But there was this one person who liked the bulky form of the actor. His son Azad!

When everyone appreciated the transformation that Aamir showed with his rigorous training, his adorable son had some quirky reaction. Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao was also surprised by this! As reported in DNA, b-town’s favourite Rancho said, “Azad liked me with my weight as he found me to be more cuddly that way so when he hugged me there was more of me to hug!” This was something that no one expected from this cute little tot! All the fans were amazed with this as amazed his own father Aamir was!

Recently, Aamir posted a video of his transformation and it is inspiring af! He recently told at an event that at when he had to lose weight he panicked but tried convincing himself. He also added that he used to get depressed but then had to hit back. He was then asked that whether he would gain weight again like he did now for his further roles! He said, “Yes I will though my doctor has advised me against doing so as it’s risky. But it all depends on the film and role. If I like it, I will do it. When I was putting on weight, Kiran and my mother were scared but I was never scared. I gorged on everything from samosas to chocolates.” (ALSO READ: Robbery at Dangal actor Aamir Khan’s home! Kiran Rao’s jewellery worth Rs 80 lakh stolen)

This was very sweet of Aamir Khan to share with his fans what his son thought of his transformation. Although all the fans of Mr. Perfectionist wish to see him always in a fit avatar, we found the young lad’s wish cuter than even! Now what we are excited to see is Azad’s reaction after watching his daddy on the silver screen!

For those who have missed the video, here it is!