Tonight in Aarambh, Queen Padmavija invite Kalketu to kill Devasena. She says that she can’t kill Devasena herself because there is an energy which is protecting her. She instructs Kalketu to kill her before she brings her husband Siamman back from queen Siala. Kalketu goes to the jungle and tries to attack Devasena. But before him, tribes of the jungle attack her. She once again shows off her brilliant fighting skills to fight them off. Shivgami protects Devasena from one attacker and she gets offended. She says that she is capable enough to protect herself. The head of the tribe comes and apologizes to Devasena and says that his men failed to recognise her and that is why they attacked. She asks the head of the tribe why they kill their women. He says that their women are cursed and to remove the curse they need to go across Narmada to pray to Mahishi Devi. He says that in an attempt to remove the curse many men have died and they have not found a solution.   Devasena says that there is tough but it is not impossible. They request Devasena to stay with the tribe for the night.

Devasena dresses like the women of the tribe and goes to meet Shivgami. He tells Devasena that in the jungle when a person tried to attack her from behind he couldn’t stop himself and came forward to help her. When her heart starts to drift towards Shivgami, she recalls what her father taught her.

Padmavija sits outside the mirror in which Sambhavija is trapped and practices to cry. She tells Sambhavija that she is preparing for the moment when Devasena will be killed. She says that she needs to practice and look natural while she will be crying to mourn her. She starts to mock her and deliberately steps inside the mirror. Queen Sambhavija makes use of the moment and kills Padmavija with the knife.

Kalketu reaches the place where Devasena is staying. He changes his avatar and becomes Shivgami. Devasena talks to Shivgami and tells him that she is planning to go to Manisha Parvat first and get this tribe freed from the curse. When she turns away and starts moving Kalketu who is in the avatar of Shivgami takes his knife out and gets ready to kill Devasena. Suddenly Shivgami comes from the other side of the jungle and Devasena get surprised to see him. Kalketu runs away and Devasena thinks that she is hallucinating.

Meanwhile Padmavija wakes up and tells Sambhavija that her body is gifted and she can’t be killed. She proves it to Sambhavija that even if she will cut her finger off it will regrow. She says that it’s not her time of death, it’s Devasena’s time to die. (Also Read: Aarambh 6 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Devsena Saves Sivagami’s Life, Learns Mahisha Is The Man With The Agni Roop)

Devsena decides to go to Manisha Parvat and Shivgami fears that if he will accompany her the rest of the Aaryans protecting the Manisha Parvat will recognize him and his truth will come out. To avoid troubles he suggests that they should go in the night because only then they will be exposed to less danger. While sitting with Shivgami, Devasena asks him about his mother and father. She gets emotional thinking about the fact that she has to go and save her kingdom from the curse before saving her father.