Tonight in Aarambh, Devsena follows a rabbit into the forest. However, the rabbit in reality is Kalketu. He disguises himself as a rabbit only to lure Devsena into a trap. He succeeds in his plan, as she gets entangled into a subterfuge of leaves which Kalketu pulls upwards so that no one is able to see her. Meanwhile Shivgam comes to the same forest looking for her. At first, he is unable to find her.But, Devsena who is hanging in the air covered in leaves can see him. Given her mouth is tied with leaves, she is unable to call out to him. Kalketu, on the other hand, plans to take advantage of the situation and kill Devsena as her hands are completely tied rendering her incapable of fighting back. Shivgam, however, sees the arrow and propels himself in the air to save Devsena from the attack. Not only does he save Devsena, he also catches the arrow in his hand and throws it back at Kalketu with full force, injuring him in return. Although hurt, Kalketu runs away, only to wonder who Shivgam was as no ordinary person is able to catch the arrow midair and throw back with such immense force.

Meanwhile, Mahesha worried about Devsena’s safety goes looking out for her. She manages to free herself from the trap of leaves by cutting the foliage rope with the bark of a tree, through her constant movement. She is about to fall on the ground when Mahesha catches her. Shivgam who had gone after Kalketu sees Devsena falling from a distance. He comes running to save her but falls midway. When Mahesha sees him, he loses his cool and starts blaming him for landing Devsena in trouble. However, Devsena intervenes and reveals that it was Shivgam who had saved her from the attack. At the same time she wonders who could have been planting these back to back attacks against her. Shivgam suggests that it could be someone from the tribe who are trying to kill her. But Devsena refuses and states that her own people would never do something like that. He then says that it could be Rani Syaala who could have appointed someone to kill her. He asks Mahesha if it could be a possibility but Mahesha is taken aback. Seeing Mahesha’s reaction Devsena starts suspecting him and his intentions. Mahesha, on the other hand, in order to divert the attention says that it could be someone from the Aryans to which Shivgam almost instantly refutes. His sudden reaction surprises Devsena but Shivgam saves the moment by saying that no Aryan would have the guts to cross the river and come in the territory of the Dravidians. Listening to this, Devsena agrees and states that if that were to ever happen she would kill them. Both Mahesha and Shivgam wonder, at this point, that she has no clue who she is standing so close to. Mahesha, who knows Shivgam’s truth, calls Devsena naive (in his head) to trust Shivgam who in reality is an Aryan. The trio then start walking towards the river beyond which lies the Aryan kingdom. Following them is Kalketu, now in the form of a snake. However, when he hears that they’re headed towards the Aryan territory he stops midway and announces that he can’t follow them to the land of the enemies. (ALSO READ: Aarambh 12 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Devasena Decides To Go Across Narmada To Mahisha Parvat)

The trio soon enter the Aryan land and kill the security guards. Shivgam watches while the other two kill his comrades. He feels extremely guilty and helpless seeing his fellow Aryans die before his eyes. Once they leave, one of the security guards, before dying, informs the other to let everyone in the kingdom know that the three have entered the Aryan territory. In the meantime, Acharya is prepping the army to attack the Dravidians to fulfill the promise made to his ancestors that they would annex the land across the Narmada river ie Dravidian land. But before he can embark on his task he is told about the three entering the premises. He vows that under no circumstances will he allow Hahuma’s curse to come true. He tells the guards to be vigilant and capture them red handed when found.

Mahesha tries to protect Devsena and win her trust but she vows to kill him when she fulfills her mission of reaching the Mahisha devi temple. She doesn’t trust him a bit as she comes to know of his true intentions. Meanwhile, Shivgam suggests that she change her clothes and dress up like an Aryan so that no one suspects of her true identity. On the other hand, its shown that the injured Kalketu goes to Padmavija who in turn cures him. He informs that the trio has crossed the Narmada river to go to the Aryan land, hearing which Padmavija gets elated. She states that now it will be impossible for Devsena to survive as the Aryans will kill her. And if by chance due to some stroke of luck she lives Padmavija authorises Kalketu to kill her. She also threatens to kill him if he fails to follow her orders. Padmavija then goes to Hahuma to inform her about Devsena’s whereabouts when Hahuma asks her to calm down. When she tries to locate her through her magical powers, somethng unusual happens. She asks Padmavija to leave her alone.  She is then reminded of how she was given the curse of being entwined with snakes all the time. Years and ears before, Hahuma had advised the then ruler to fill the waters surrounding the kingdom with mud and build tall and strong walls in order to protect the Dravidian kingdom from the Aryans. However, in the process, many snakes were killed. The leader of the snake pack thus cursed her but informed her that only if one of the rulers from her kingdom would not only save her kingdom but also protect and benefit others in the bargain, would she, Hahuma, be freed of the curse. (ALSO READ: Aarambh 6 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Devsena Saves Sivagami’s Life, Learns Mahisha Is The Man With The Agni Roop)

Another aspect was also revealed in tonight’s episode. Padmavija mixes a potion in Sambhavija’s food so that she survives. Reason being that the two are twins and if anyone of them dies the other too won’t be able to survive. Padmavija obviously has dreams of sitting on the throne and ruling the Dravidian race. Hence she mixes the potion in her sister’s food to ensure that she lives long. On the other hand, Devsena, Mahesha and Shivgam are able to embark on their journey to the temple without being caught. It’s shown that Shivgam goes to Acharya and tells him that he has successfully brought Devsena, the ruler of the Dravidians, to him. Thus, Acharya plays along and lets the three of them go freely without capturing them, only to promise later on that he will kill her before the entire Aryan race when she reaches the temple premises.