AIB Knockout: Salman Khan threatened to 'roast' AIB team over Arpita Khan joke

Much has been said about the All India Bakchod’s first ever roast that was conducted live in Mumbai. Titled The AIB Knockout – The Roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, the roast has found many followers. (ALSO SEE: AIB Knockout: Alia Bhatt all praise for All India Bakchod’s roastBut most Indians, young and old, have found it highly offensive. And among the ones offended are Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor, and that too, for jokes made on their family by the AIB team.

The AIB Knockout in Mumbai has been trending for the last few days and garnered unnecessary attention. The live event, filled with cuss words and dirty gestures, has now caught the attention of the Maharashtra government who is about to file a complaint with the Mumbai police.

But what you saw was only the edited version of the much hyped roast. The AIB Knockout was allegedly forced to edit out more offensive and vulgar stuff, including jokes made on Salman Khan’s just-married sister Arpita Khan Sharma. Well, since the roast was on Arjun Kapoor, jokes were expected on his family who has some veterans from the industry. There were some gags on Arjun’s father Boney Kapoor and stepmom Sridevi, and also his cousin Sonam Kapoor and uncle Anil Kapoor. Arpita Khan was roasted because she had dated Arjun Kapoor in the past, and it was Salman who urged Arjun to lose weight and enter filmdom.

Salman Khan, being the Bhai of Bollywood that he is, apparently threatened to ‘roast’ the AIB team over the Arpita Khan jokes if they didn’t edit it out. We totally support Salman in this stand of his. And if this actually occurred, we wonder where were the b***s of the AIB guys, who got mowed down by a Bollywood superstar and edited out the Arpita jokes!

What bothers is even more is that the AIB Knockout roast video was made freely available on YouTube without an adult rating, which they have inserted now after the Maharashtra government objected to the content. Where were the people harping about censorship then? Enjoying the AIB videos?