Ajay Devgn, whose upcoming comedy flick Golmaal Again boasts an ensemble cast featuring both male and female actors. Emphasizing the fact, Ajay Devgn believes the genre of comedy has never belonged only to men. Talking about which to PTI, the actor said, “Comedy is not male-dominated space, the fact is very few clean comedies are being made. In our film, there are four-five male heroes, but the actresses also have equally good roles. There are films in which there are vulgar or double meaning jokes and actresses are used as props and men do the comedy. But we don’t believe in this.”

He went on to add, “There are very few family entertainers being made today. I try to maintain and keep every film of mine as a family entertainer so that everyone can go and watch.” The actor also added that the second part of Golmaal wasn’t his favourite. “I am also not very fond of the second part. But then the third one was good. My favourite is the first and the fourth one,” said the actor.

Talking about how Golmaal has been accepted by the audience, he said, “The films did well not only in theatres but even on television. All the characters became memorable… Then we had the second and the third part coming up, but we never thought it would go so ahead. This time we are hoping the fifth part will be made.” Golmaal Again is slated hit the screens on October 20.