Akshay Kumar lamblasts a fan club online!

The virtual life has gripped the entire town of tech immigrants. No matter what even celebs take to the internet mediums to flash out any news or make any statement. Likewise also there are many fan clubs and fan page created online by many star struck fans who pour their heart out virtually to support their stars. But sometimes it all goes wrong.

There have been rise in cases where in people are duping the naive crowd into believing that these fan clubs are actually associated directly with the actor and you can draw in some help from these clubs as well.

And when a certain ‘fan club’ under Akshay Kumar’s name came under scanner  that has been duping people by promising them a job in the actor’s production house, the actor got very agitated about this.

The actor took to micro-blogging website Twitter to reach out to his fans to steer out any misunderstanding. Akshay tweeted “Heard some upsetting news… some members of my “FAN CLUB” have been misleading some fans and duping them of money with false promises of landing an assistant directors job on my films (sic).”

He added, “If you are my fan, you know my story… there is no shortcut to success. Please don’t be naive and don’t give away your hard earned money to crooks (sic).”

“To those involved in this scam, may you get what you deserve (sic).”

Akshay Kumar advised them on not being so naive and know about such duping activities going on and avoid falling prey to these con. And also steer clear of such thousand and more fan pages sprouting out every other day.