Alia Bhatt has been a talking point of the tinsel town since she has delivered one of her best performances through Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi. This Shah Rukh Khan starrer movie Dear Zindagi helped Alia earn accolades from the critics as well as from her fans. Alia plays ‘Kaira’ who suffers with mental issues or depression and  Dr. Jehangir Khan by Shah Rukh Khan becomes her life coach to help her deal with it. Alia learnt a lot from the movie and she has delivered it in the most faultless manner on the silverscreen. We also know that recently, Alia’s sister Shaheen Bhatt spoke openly about depression, posting a post on Instagram. So see what Alia, who played a similar character on the big screen, has to say about her sister’s depression issues.

Shaheen has been battling with depression since quite long years now. Also, everyone is aware of the close bonding both the sisters have with each other. As the dimpled actress is so close to Shaheeen, she exactly knew what her problems were and did not shy away from sharing it with others. She said, “All those who are close to her know about it. It’s not as if she has never spoken about it before. She has, to her loved ones. Apart from depression, my sister suffers from insomnia. So we’ve spent many sleepless nights talking,” as reported in Pinkvilla.

Alia has been always supportive of her sister Shaheen and no wonder she understands her so well. Thus, the fans were curious about how the Highway girl helped her sister to get out of it. Talking upon the same, Alia said, ” Though my sister and I share a very honest relationship, nothing that I can say or do can help her situation. So yes, she has to constantly work herself out of her depression. Whenever she seeks me for companionship, I am there. Otherwise she is a strong person and she has to deal with it herself. No matter how much I love her, I can’t help her get over the depression. She has to do it on her own.” Well, that was very bold of Alia to express it in such a transparent manner! (ALSO READ: Dear Zindagi actor Alia Bhatt gives the best solution to deal with depression!!)

Alia and Shaheen just moved in into their new apartment in Juhu! The 2 States actress posted a photo on Instagram giving us a glimpse of her new home. She also mentioned that it was her first night in that house and tagged Shaheen saying that ‘we did it’. Well, see how the Bhatt sisters are always together and take collective efforts for everything! Now that both the sisters live together under one roof, we are sure that Alia will get her own space to sort out the issues that Shaheen is facing! (ALSO READ: What? Mahesh Bhatt urges daughter Shaheen to file a case against him!)

Now that we know Alia Bhatt is with her sister Shaheen Bhatt, we can bet that both girls will root the problems out themselves and emerge into more happy beings soon!