Alia Bhatt has never been camera shy right from her childhood days, but the young actress is redefining the meaning of ‘Selfie fever. Alia has been busy posing for ‘selfies’ during her up for release movie ‘2 States promotions. Either she is all decked up for her me-time selfie or she poses with her co-star Arjun Kapoor. They make an adorable pair on screen and with these off screen pictures; their chemistry becomes all the more evident. [Also Read: Sunny Leone: A girl obsessed with selfies! Check out her best ones]


Alia post this picture on Instagram with caption ‘Power mode’. Sure the girl looks all in power mode as you would see quite taken by surprise Arjun Kapoor in the background. [Also Read: Snapped: Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor pose for a selfie with ’2 States’ writer Chetan Bhagat!]

The super adorable pair of Alia-Arjun makes a near perfect snap. On one hand where a busy Arjun Kapoor manages to pose for this photograph, as Alia Bhatt goes into the aww mode.


Looks like Alia Bhatt thought of going solo this time posing for a selfie without her love Arjun Kapoor, atleast on screen the young actress would not deny.