The first teaser of ‘Daddy’, directed by Ashim Ahluwalia starring Arjun Rampal as the gangster-turned-politician Arjun Gawli took Bollywood fans by storm. Next, the unique ‘voice teaser’ piqued the interest in the film. Today, Eros Now released the first teaser to this much anticipated film and it has ‘HIT’ written all over it from the word GO! And we have some strong reasons to believe that this Arjun Rampal film will set the box office cash registers ringing like never before. ALSO READ: Arjun Rampal or Arun Gawli? Daddy First Look will leave you confused and curious

Watch @rampalarjun as Daddy, a film based on life & times of #ArunGawli! #DADDYTeaser out exclusively on @ErosNow!




There is no Arjun Rampal in the movie Daddy
Yes, one look at the teaser and you have forgotten who the lead actor is. All you see in Arun Gawli. Right from the attire to the physical appearance; the intensity in the voice and the stone-cold icy eyes – Arjun Rampal has nailed every bit of the real life character he is set to play on screen. Now isn’t it the first and the most important aspect for the character to look the part when it comes to biopics?

Intense to the core, sans blood and gore
Gangster movie sans blood and gore! Well, why not? The teaser is intense and at the same time doesn’t show any in your face violent scenes which will help the movie appeal to a larger audience out there.

Reel gets real
The teaser gives away the kind of places the film has been shot at and it certainly transports you to a different era. They makers want to take you into the time and life of Arun Gawli and with the right kind of camera work and sets, they have achieved that. The film gets as real as possible to this real to life drama.