We know that the new Batman vs Superman movie will have Ben Affleck playing the role of the misunderstood guardian of Gatham while the much more loved, Superman’s role will be played by Henry Cavill who we have already seen in the Man of Steel. A lot of people are skeptical about the two superheroes coming together or against each other in a movie with a new-ish Superman who is more human than any past Superman and the absolutely new Batman especially after Christian Bale has been able to make our jaw drop along with Christopher Nolan’s direction of the Dark Knight series.

But, wait! Don’t write off the film just yet, the Dark Knight may have had a lot of cool gadgets from the Tumbler, to the Batpod and the party piece, the Bat.

The Batman vs Superman film’s director, Zack Snyder, has revealed or rather teased the image for what can only be described as the next ultra cool Batmobile, from the back at least.

It look like a dragster with a huge wing on the back, huge exposed tyres with simple but macho treads and two afterburners or thrusters next to each back wheel. The rear wing might also be of use over just making the vehicle more aerodynamic. There are hydraulic arms seen keeping the spoiler up, probably for deflecting projectiles like missiles, bullets and RPGs or maybe just for changing the angle of how slippery the Batmobile is and can also double up as a massive air break which can be taken from the Bugatti Veyron.

Irrespective of what it may look like, we are holding our breath for something that can rival the Dark Knights gadgets and probably the only way to do that is take a few more steps towards crazy rather than stupid. On a final note, we sincerely hope that the front doesn’t have a turbine and the rest of incredible Batmobile be shown to us.