Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Maya gives Arjun 3 options. She says that either he could inform the police and send her to the prison.  If he chooses this option then his child will be born behind the bars. She gives h the second option and says that he could kill her and kill his child along with her. In his third option she says that he can take her home and make sure that she stays by his side till the time his baby is born. Arjun gets furious and tells Maya that she can go away with the child and he and Saanjh have nothing to do with her.

Suman and Jhanvi start celebrating and prepare a pooja thali for Arjun and Saanjh. They decide to welcome the new steps of life in their home with open arms but to th8e shock Maya comes to meet them.

Suman gets furious when she looks at Maya coming to her house. She picks up a flower vase to hit her but Saanjh comes in between and gets hit on the head. Maya mocks the situation and says that as soon as she entered the house problems started cropping up. When Suman asks what Maya doing in her home, Maya says that she is the hope which they were waiting for so long. Saanjh tells Suman and Jhanvi that Maya the surrogate of her and Arjun’s child. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 10 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Maya Traps Arjun And Asks Him To Take Her Home)

Arjun finds it very hard to understand that Saanjh has decided to bring Maya home instead of supporting him in sending her back to the prison. While in the hospital Saanjh, kept looking towards the babies and Arjun asked her to forget everything like a bad dream. Saanjh accuses Arjun of giving her happiness to Maya once again. She says that his hatred for Maya won over her love for him. She says that this child can be a game for him amd Maya but he is a dream for her. She asks Arjun to bring Maya and this child into her life and to their home.  Arjun gets angry with Saanjh’s decision and decides to go and choke Maya to death but Saanjh stops him once again and tells him that she is taking her home. Arjun get seething with anger and tells her that she can live peacefully with het child and Maya but he will not allow Maya to come back to his life.