Maya and Arjun are going to have a baby soon in Beyhadh. Arjun is happy and wants to share the good news with his mother but he doesn’t. He thinks that Vandana doesn’t love him as he is not her real son. Arjun feels alone as he has no one to share his happiness with. Vandana has not accepted Maya and he is afraid that Vandana won’t get happy with the news of Maya being pregnant. Saanjh understands Arjun and asks him to call Vandana. But he refuses; Saanjh hugs Arjun and tells him that he is not alone.

Later, Saanjh is seen giving the good news to Vandana. Vandana gets happy as she gets the good news. She is excited that she will be a dadi. She wants to eat the sweet and celebrate it but Ayaan stops her from celebrating Arjun’s happiness. He objects that why Saanjh came to give the news and why didn’t Arjun come for the same. Recently, Arjun had a huge fight with Ayaan. Now, Ayaan is also against Arjun.

In the previous episode, we saw Maya along with Ayaan and Saanjh begging for Vandana’s acceptance. Three of them were on road as they were seen protesting for Vandana to accept Maya. Vandana insulted Maya by pouring water and then garbage on her. Arjun also reached there and couldn’t bear Maya being insulted by Vandana. Arjun starts criticising Vandana on road but Ayaan asks him to calm down and discuss the matter peacefully at home. Arjun is angry for what Vandana did and he tells Ayaan that his mother insulted Maya. Ayaan tried to calm down Arjun but he just didn’t stop. Arjun kept on saying that Vandana has never considered him as his son and that is the reason why she could never accept Maya. Had she been his real mother then she should had been happy for Arjun. Arjun kept on insulting Vandana and Ayaan couldn’t tolerate it more. Ayaan and Arjun had a huge fight but in the mid of their fight, Maya collapsed on floor. Arjun immediately rushed Maya to the hospital. Saanjh also reached there and then they got to know that Maya is pregnant. (ALSO READ: Arjun’s real intentions behind marrying Maya revealed!)

Arjun is happy but he couldn’t share his happiness with his family. He shares his happiness with his employees in the office. Everyone is happy for him except Vikram. Vikram said bad stuff to Arjun about Maya and he hit him. Later, Vikram told Maya that Arjun is not a good person and he married her for her money. Maya warns Vikram. Tonight, we will see that Vikram meets with an accident and Maya is telling Arjun that everyone gets paid back for their deeds. It seems Maya has started suspecting Arjun after listening to Vikram. Keep on watching Beyhadh to know if Arjun truly loves Maya are not. (ALSO READ: Arjun leaves home following an argument with Vandana!)