Tonight in Beyhadhwe see that Arjun comes to meet Saanjh for his wedding night and Saanjh asks him if he heard a noise. When they try to search the room a pigeon dies by getting entangled with the fan. Blood splashes on Saanjh’s face and she starts to panic once again. She says that this is Maya and she is once again trying to warn her. She says that Maya has a problem with them living together and she can’t let anyone have him. Arjun gets angry with Saanjh’s behaviour and says that it is not Maya who is trying to destroy their marriage, it is her. He says that Maya is not separating them it is just her fear which is overpowering her. She packs her bags and says that she will go and stay with her mother. Arjun gets angry with her and asks her to leave right away.

Meanwhile in the prison Maya comes back and goes to the TV room where everybody is watching a movie. As he enters the police inspector says that it is time for a short love story.  She then puts the CD of Arjun and Saanjh’s marriage and makes Maya watch it. Maya holds her tears back and tells the police inspector that she will pay a big price for it.

Janvi comes to meet the police inspector and gives her a fruit basket. Under the fruits she stuffed lots of money. When the police inspector looks at the money, she asks her what it is for. Janvi says that she has heard that in police Stations accidents happen very often. The police inspector says that what she has heard is right and one accident might happen tonight. Janvi tells the police inspector that Maya needs to die today. The police inspector starts chalking out the murder plan of Maya.

At night Maya notices that the lights of the prison corridors are flickering. The police inspector instructs one of the prisoners that Maya will leave to wash her clothes all alone and that should be the time when she could be attacked. She gives her five minutes to kill Maya. She even explains her the way with which Maya can be killed and it would seem like an accident. She asks her prisoner to tell Maya that this is her plan. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 14 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Arjun Marries Saanjh Even After Knowing That Maya Is Alive)

At the decided time, the constables hear the noises of prisoners fighting with each other. One of them feels that she has to go and check on them but the Inspector stops them from going. She says that she will go herself and check what is going on with the prisoners. When she reaches the room where clothes are washed, she notices that Maya is still alive and has teamed up with the prisoner who was supposed to kill her. All of them trap the Inspector and close the door behind her.