In Beyhadh 17 February 2017, Maya is seen kneeling in front of Vandana. She begs her to accept her but Vandana doesn’t say anything. Maya tells Vandana that she will never stop loving her. Vandana leaves. Maya blames her father for her present conditions.

At Maya’s home, Janvi is in her bed, staring at Ashwin’s photo. She recalls aiming gun on him. She tries to sleep but is restless. She gets up from her bed and feels like someone is sleeping next to her, but it s an empty sheet. Then she sees someone’s reflection in the glass of Ashwin’s photo. Janvi folds her hands in front of Ashwin’s pic and tells him not to harm Maya.

The next morning, at Arjun’s home, Maya is serving breakfast to everyone. Ayaan flirts with Maya but Arjun asks him to stop. Vandana is lost in her thoughts. Maya is concerned about everyone’s health and she has cooked healthy food for everyone. Vandana recalls her nightmare and asks Maya if she is not going to work. Maya tells her that she doesn’t want to go to work but stay at home and spend some time with her. Vandana tells Maya that she is also not going to stay home and will go on her insurance job. Maya tells her that she will also go along with her. Ayaan makes fun of Maya. Maya tells Ayaan that she is not Maya Mehrotra anymore but she is ‘Maya Arjun Sharma’. She tells Ayaan that she has left her identity behind and she is happy to be knows as ‘Maya Arjun Sharma’. Ayaan flirts with Maya by saying her ‘the goddess of hotness’ but Vandana scolds him to stay in his limits. Maya tells Ayaan that the closest relation of a bhabhi is with is her dewar. Ayaan flies a kiss towards her; Arjun catches it on the way.  Maya prays in front of ganesh ji and asks him for his blessings.

Janvi calls Maya and asks her to come home as Ashwin is back. Maya gets shocked and her phone falls down. Maya gets nervous and Arjun comes running to her. Maya tells Arjun that Ashwin is back. She seems to be terrified. Arjun asks Maya to relax and hugs her.

At Maya’s home, the doctor is checking Janvi. Arjun tells Maya that how could Ashwin come back as they all have seen him dying in the mandap. Janvi gets up and asks Maya what she is doing there. Maya tells her that she herself has called up Maya but Janvi denies and she says why she would call her. On the other hand, the doctor takes Arjun in private to talk to him.  The doctor tells Arjun that they will have to take care of her and she is under extreme stress. She is not able to cope up with the loss of her husband. Maya tells Janvi that she has called her and told that Ashwin has come back but Janvi tells her that she called up and told her that she is missing Ashwin. Janvi tells Maya to not to come home on such small issues. Maya again tells Janvi that she has called up and told her that Ashwin has come back. Janvi again denies. Arjun asks Maya to not to argue. He tells Janvi that Maya loves her a lot and it is obvious that she will get stressed. Arjun and Maya leave. Janvi wipes the tears and starts smiling while looking at Ashwin’s photo. (ALSO READ: Maya pleads Vandana for her acceptance!)

At Arjun’s home, Vandana is stressed and seen applying balm on her forehead. Ayaan wants to help her but she denies. Saanjh comes home and asks Maya if she is fine. She offers to help her but Vandana scolds her. Saanjh asks Vandana to relax. Vandana is upset about Janvi telling that Ashwin is back. Vandana is upset that nothing is going right since their marriage. Saanjh tells Vandana that she will fix everything.

At Maya’s home, Arjun tries to get cozy with Maya in her bedroom. Ashwin’s photo is hanging there and Maya gets scared as she sees his photo. Arjun tells her to relax as he is dead now. Arjun’s phone rings and he walks out of the room. Maya is in her bathroom and about to wash her face, she recalls her conversation with Janvi. Maya splashes water on her face and Maya feels like Ashwin’s presence there. She hears his voice calling ‘Maya baby’. Maya tries to open the door of her bathroom but she is locked inside. (ALSO READ: Vandana insults Maya on her grihapravesh!)