Tonight in Beyhadh  we see that Maya watches the news telecast on TV and sees that Arjun will be given death as punishment after 2 days. Suddenly a girl playing around comes to her and asks her if the person they are showing on TV is her. Initially Maya gets shocked but says that the people who die do not come back and the person who is showing on the TV is dead.

Saanjh reads the letter given by Arjun again and again. She finds herself unable to digest that Arjun is ready to escape the prison. Suddenly she looks at a shadow in her room and decides to follow it. She drops the letter given by Arjun in a dustbin and tries to find out who was lurking behind her. It was Ayaan who was trying to follow her. He goes into her room and picks up the letter and reads it. When he realizes that Arjun is trying to escape the prison, he talks to himself and says that he won’t let him live peacefully even if he escapes. He says that he too is hungry for  a revenge just like Arjun. Saanjh hears him and gets to know about his evil intentions.

After knowing that Arjun will be in the hands of death after 2 days, Maya recalls each and every pledge she made to him. She also recalls all the vows which Arjun made along with all the instances where he broke his them. She tells herself that it would be impossible for her to live after Arjun dies. She decides that the moment Arjun will leave his body, she will do the same. She tells herself that in this life she was connected with Arjun just till here. She says that death will not be able to kill her love for him, she would love him even after they both would die and in her next life she would be as madly in love with him as she is now. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 14 July 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Arjun Decides To Escape The Prison)

Ayaan tells Saanjh that Arjun is the reason why his mother is dead and he will not leave him in peace after he escapes the prison. Saanjh meets Arjun in the jail and tells him that this is a bad idea. Arjun says that this is the only option he is left with. If he will not choose it, he will be hanged till death.

Meanwhile Maya digs up two graves and laughs at her own misery. (ALSO READ: Beyhadh 13 July 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Maya Gets A Rebirth While Arjun Waits For His Death)