Bigg Boss 10 29th November 2016 Day 44 LIVE Updates 11.13 – 11.20: Manu late at night tells Manveer that Priyanka is playing game and is against everyone and wants to disrupt unity. Tomorrow, Lopa gets violent with Om Swami because of his misogynistic ways. Manveer and Gaurav get injured in their fight for captaincy.

Bigg Boss 10 29th November 2016 Day 44 LIVE Updates 11.00 – 11.10: Om Swami comes and interrupts them. Priyanka, Nitibha, Om Swami fight. Priyanka now goes against Manu and asks Manveer to stay away from him. Lopamudra and Om Swami fight again.

Bigg Boss 10 29th November 2016 Day 44 LIVE Updates 10.50 – 11.00: Another gong rings and this is the second last one. Gaurav claims that Manu and himself are the ones to compete for captaincy. Manveer and Mona fight. Nitibha comes in front and empties Lopa’s tube. She does not look happy. The terrific trio fight again.

Mona Lisa is inconsolable. Manu consoles her. Manveer too does the same. Now, will the three sort the issues out?

Bigg Boss 10 29th November 2016 Day 44 LIVE Updates 10.36 – 10.50: There is a discussion happening between Manu and Mona about Manveer. A gong is rung and there is commotion in the house. Each one is persuading other to empty the test tube bottle. Sahil Anand empties Om Swami’s test tube. So, he will not be a captain sure. Manu claps hand. Sahil hugs Om Swami and asks him to forgive him. Om Swami sulks. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016, Day 46 preview: Manu Punjabi wages a BITTER battle against Manveer Singh Gurjar for Mona Lisa!

Priyanka and Manu are talking and plotting! Gaurav Chopra claims that he is captain material along with Manu Punjabi and Manveer. Lopa on the other hand considers herself a strong contender. om Swami creates another charade as apparently Priyanka did not consider her father.

Bigg Boss 10 29th November 2016 Day 44 LIVE Updates 10.20 – 10.35: There is a lot of disturbance in the house as VJ Bani is not doing her task and there is no cooking gas in the house. There is commotion among the hungry housemates. Lopa reasons out with Elena Kazan, Nitibha and Priyanka yell at each other. Priyanka is super pissed with Nitibha. Bigg Boss ends the paddle task. Bigg Boss accused Priyanka of inefficiency as he said that she was not able to ensure that the task is done properly. He disqualifies Priyanka from the captaincy. Now, the contest is tighter among the contestants as only three times gong will be rung two contestants who win will compete for captaincy.

The drama at the glass walled house has already begun and the contestants are playing it dirty. Priyanka Jagga’s leadership is opposed and is creating issues with people. Om Swami creates drama when contestants ‘dupe’ him and not vote for Priyanka Jagga to make her captain in the test tube task. Well here’s a lowdown on what is happening in the house right now.