Bigg Boss 10 which started off with a BANG intitally became a bit tad boring later but after last week, the show has been able to pique our interest again. And the reason is: wild cards, especially Priyanka Jagga Muise. Since she has come back on the show, she has her eyes on Manu who was thick friends with Manveer Singh and Mona Lisa till recently. Priyanka vowed to break them apart the moment she came on the show again and guess she has been successful in doing so.

Today’s episode will witness a bloody battle between Manveer, Manu and Mona Lisa. Looks like, Manu is pissed off with Manveer because of his tiff with Mona but instead of sorting the matter, they fight even more and Mona remains a mere spectator to this charade. She also breaks down and cries a lot as her closest friends drift apart. Priyanka looks on happily at the ongoing drama and even irritates Mona by saying that she does not support her firends well. We all know how Priyanka has been trying to get close with Manu who seems irritated with her. This has irked Mona too.  Manu’s closeness with Mona is a bone of contention for Priyanka. Let’s see what she does about this.

Apart from this, there is a lot to look forward to in today’s episode as the fight for captaincy is still on. Swami Om will negotiate his way into making people save him in the Test Tube and will finally reveal to VJ Bani that there is a chance that in the end, Bani and himself will compete. Also, VJ Bani will create trouble for housemates as she will refuse to do the pedal task and they will be left high and dry, without cooking gas!

Catch LIVE updates of this show here in case you miss it. Stay tuned.