Bigg Boss 10 continues dish out newer twists and turns. And our predictions are ringing true too! We already told you how Priyanka Jhagga will try to create fresh trouble s for the contestants on her arrival. And here she is converting our predictions into nightmares of sorts for her fellow housemates. Look what is up to in tonight’s episode. Her entry has kind of spelled doom for the invincible trio of Mannu, Manveer and Mona Lisa. And now Priyanka is leaving no stone unturned to see that the three maintain distance from each other. Always scheming, manipulating and maneuvering Priyanka is seen using new methods and unthinkable moves to make sure that dive and rule policy prevails in the glass walled house! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 29th November Day 44 preview: Is Bani J leaving the house? (Watch video!)

She is seen discussing with Manuu and Manveer something about Mona Lisa. She makes fun of Mona and starts imitating her, unaware of the fact that Mona will find out how dirty a game she can play. Mona starts launching  verbal missiles at Priyanka. The writing on the wall is clear: Stay within your limits! But Mona shoots back saying Priyanka has no right to decided other person’s limits as she absolutely nobody! Ooops we thing the heat is gonna go up in the house with this cat fight. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: VJ Bani’s BOYFRIEND Yuvraj confesses about his relationship 

Also just when when we thought that the four new contestants–Jason Shah, Priyanka Jagga, Sahil Anand and Elena Kazan–would be breathing a sigh of relief as it would be too early for them to think about elimination round, Bigg Boss drops a bomb! Rahul Dev, Elena, Jason Shah and Bani J are in trouble. They have been asked to pack their bags as they have not performed well in the task. Clearly the commoners Vs Celebs war is arging but Clebs alone have made the cut for this one!


What’s more? Tonight’s episode will also see Rohan loosing his captaincy. Yes, Bigg Boss announces that with no hesitation whatsoever, Rohan will be taken off from the post of captaincy. Bigg Boss also gives a valid reason behind the removal of the captain: If in the presence of the captain Bigg Boss has to meddle in the things then such captain and his prowess is of no use!

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